Who we are

bicycle tour with guide


  • Founder of GBC and MTB TInstructor
  • President of the Committee in charge of International MTB competitions
  • Responsible for Bike and E-bike Rental and in charge of the Info Point/Bike Grill “Chiosco del Mincio” in Goito
bicycle tour with guide


  • Group Bike-Tour Guide certified by the Accademia Nazionale MTB
bicycle tour with guide


  • Founder and President of Garda Bike Connection

Garda Bike Connection

  • It’s a Non-Competitive Sport Association (A.S.D.) created to provide the various receptive realities of the southern Garda and Alto Mantovano with all the tools necessary to become a service point for those who love bike tourism and wants to try our bicyle tour with guide.
  • We matured over time collaborations with various Associations, Municipalities, Hotels, B&Bs, Holiday Farms, Camp Sites and many other businesses characteristic of our territory to promote the relevance of the historical, cultural, naturalistic and eno-gastronomic reality of the Southern Garda and Alto Mantovano through a slow and zero emission kind of tourism on bike and canoe.
  • Our base is the Chiosco del Mincio in Goito, located in the town’s center and in vicinity of the river, from which every tour departs and arrives and where we offer all of our services.

OUR mission

Our mission is to provide our local tourism with the strategic visibility that will allow all tourists, both Italian and foreign, to fully appreciate the natural marvel and to enjoy all kinds of events in the territory within the natural preserve “Parco del Mincio” and the surrounding realities…

…through bicyle tour with guide:

  • Biking with us to experience the full color and essence range of our territory that will enrich your life with wellness and relaxation
  • We’ll visit together historical sites and beautiful villages, we’ll take you trough the woods and the protected environment of the Parco del Mincio
  • We’ll take on a canoe ride on the Mincio River where you’ll feel fully immersed into nature
  • You’ll witness the process of making some of our local produce like cheese, wine and olive oil with the chance to taste some of our specialties


  • Guided Group Bike Tours to experience the Alto Mantovano territory with different options in length, duration and difficulty, all organized to begin and end from/at the Chisco del Mincio in Goito and all intended to explore our territory from Lake Garda down to Mantova and focusing on the environment directly related to the Mincio river.
  • Mountain bike and e-Bike Rental Service for those who don’t own a bike or would like to ride longer distances with less effort.
  • Mountain bike and e-Bike Rental Service (Day/Week/All Season) for the hospitality businesses in our territory that would like to offer more options to their clientele with our full technical support.
  • Shuttle Bus Service to/from the Chiosco del  Mincio for the clientele of the adhering hospitality business.
  • Canoe Rental to enjoy an easy and picturesque ride on the Mincio river.
  • Canoe and Kayak Guide/Instructor to accompany on a ride or teach the basics through a course.
  • Scheduling of Cultural and Sport Events related to biking such as MTB races for Adults, MTB races for Kids, courses on road safety rules, exhibitions and meetings.
  • Mapping and Defining Personalized Bike Trails for Hospitality businesses, Municipalities and Local Organizations.
  • Team Building for Companies, Municipalities and Local Organizations.
  • A Unique Chance to Purchase the very fine Goods from the producers visited along our tours and to pick them up at the CHisoco del Mincio at tour’s end.
  • Contracts/Agreements with the many B&Bs, Agritourisms, Trattorias, Producers and Stores to make you tour a 100% eco-friendly and sustainable experience (“A Km 0”).


GBC offers multi-sensorial experiences (MTB tours and Canoe) that are different from the other options in our territory because:

  • They’re for everyone: Families, Couples, Groups, the Younger and Greater Generation
  • Pursue a Slow and Sustainable Eco-Tourism
  • They’ll make you experience Time in a different Way
  • They Involve All Senses
  • They make you experience Nature in a relaxed way
  • They’ll make you appreciate the means of production behind our famous local Good
  • Offer the Chance to personalize your experience through the use of Bike, Canoe and Boat
  • Their Base (Chiosco del Mincio) is equally distant from both Mantova and Lake Garda
  • Those tours can be personalized to meet with the needs of our clientele
  • They include refreshment, socializing, relax, bike and e-bike rental and bike repair all in one place
  • They follow our agreements with the B&Bs and Agritourisms in our territory