The Kiosk on Mincio river

The “Chiosco del Mincio” (The Kiosk on Mincio river) is located in the center town of Goito, a few meters from the Church and the foot bridge that crosse the river but more importantly in the hearth of the natural preserve “Parco del Mincio”.

Located exactly at the half point of the famous “Mantova-Peshiera” bikeway (total length 42 km), the Chiosco is a great spot for those who’re riding the whole distance and need restore nonetheless the perfect base for venturing in our territory.

The “Chiosco del Mincio” is the hearth of Garda Bike Connection and a point of reference for those businesses serving local tourism and tourists themselves:

  • Reception for Mountain Bikes, E-Bikes and Canoes Rental
  • It’s the Starting and Ending Point for All Guided Bike Tours and Experiences on the Mincio River
  • It homes an essential mechanic shop for emergency repairs
  • It serves as Info Point for the “Parco del Mincio”
  • It Allows to make reservation for those business adhering with our model
  • It serves as showcasing a shopping window for the local eno-gastronomic goods
  • It turns into event venue
  • It’s a restorative bistro with full bar and full menu

Our Kiosk is not just a venue, it’s a place to relax in the shade of the surrounding tree sipping on a cocktail contemplating the natural beauty of the river and its fauna (Swans, Herons, Cormorants etc) in good company.

Our Service Hours are in fact designed to offer full service everyday from 7am to 11pm, offering a menu that covers snacks, lunches and quick dinners.

The versatility of the Chiosco is key to no only those who are experiencing the territory by bike and canoe but also for a quick break during a leisure bike ride with your family or friends, fully served by competent staff or simply to have a picnic sitting by the river.

The “Chiosco del Mincio” also organizes special events such as themed dinners, music performances and exhibitions in collaborations with local restaurants and businesses.

For updates in realtime on events and menu pricing follow the Chiosco’s Facebook Page.