Tour #11 – Land and Water (Bike and Canoe)

mountain bike path

mountain bike path

Easy Level tour with a combo of off-roads, low-traffic municipal roads and canoe ride on the Mincio river.

mountain bike path

Length: about 25 Km (15.53 Miles), about 2 hours for the canoe part.

itinerari mountain bike

Length: about 25 Km (15.53 Miles) and about 2 hours for the canoe part.


Snack/Aperitif at “Chiosco del Mincio” at tour’s end.

The combo Mountain Nike path+Canoe is the experience that brings you closer to nature by exploring little-known roads on bike and by descending the Mincio river following its gentle course.

Starting from the “chiosco del Mincio” in Goito we ride towards Torre on a gentle uphill. We then take some dirt roads that cut through the surrounding farmland for a relaxing nature ride with the stunning view of the Alps in the foreground.

Continuing on little known pathways we reach the road that trails the Virgilio canal and ride it unit we catch the paved municipal road that will take us up on the hill and in the center town of Volta Mantovana.

From here we take a hard but quick uphill road to the highest point in town where the Church of “Santa Maria Maddalena is and from where is possible to enjoy the flatlands just south of Volta Mantovana.

We then ride on a mixed-ground loop, in the general direction of Lake Garda, through farmland and vines on hilly roads to then head back to the center town of Volta Mantovana.

The next ride is on the bikeway that connects Volta Mantovana to Pozzolo that will allow us to reach the starting point of the canoe part of the tour.

mountain bike path

OUR DESTINATION: Descending the Mincio river on a canoe.

We drop the bikes and after a brief introductory meeting  to get ready for our next part of the adventure: descending the river on a the canoes!

The river’s slow currents, its relatively shallow waters and the surrounding natural environment combined with the knowledge and supervision of our tour guide will turn this part of our itinerary into a true sensorial experience.

After approximately two hours canoeing on the river we end the tour right in front of the Chiosco del Mincio for a well deserved snack/aperitif.