Tour #1 – The Park and Storks Trail

mountain bike excursion

mountain bike excursion

Easy Level with mixed trails on paved low-traffic roads, paved bike lane and fun dirt roads.

mountain bike excursion

Length: about 25 Km (15.5 Miles).


Duration: total of about 4 hours including a stop in the Bertone’s Woodland and visit to the Storks Center(Ticket Needed).


Snack at the End of the Tour at the “Chiosco del Mincio”.

This Mountain bike Excursion takes you onto paved roads with little traffic and dirt roads inside the Preserve that very little locals know about.

An easy level trail all flat and departing and arriving in the center-town of Goito that starts on paved roads and quickly takes into fun filed roads.

Through this trail you’ll experience the true beauty and pervasive relaxation of our natural environment, appreciating both the natural and historic value of our territory.

mountain bike excursion

OUR MAIN DESTINATION: Il Parco delle Bertone (Bertone Park)

It’s a botanic garden with both native and introduced flora and some trees over 150 years of age and since 1994 it’s been home to a center dedicated to the conservation and reintroduction of white storks.

The park is open and can be visited for a fee on weekends in the spring / summer period.

After visiting the Park we continue towards Soave and take a turn to the Maglio village where you’ll learn about one of the oldest Paper Factories in Italy (founded in 1615) and visit a sturgeon farm where Italian caviar is produced.

We then cross the bridge over the Canale Diversivo(Re-directing Canal) to take a ride along the Mincio River on an unpaved road and make a stop in Sacca to admire the famous secular Oak tree. From there we we’ll take the Ciclovia del Mincio back to the Chiosco for a restorative snack.