Tour #12 – Up and Down on the Morainic Hills

mountain bike tours

mountain bike tours

Medium Level mixed trail combining paved municipal roads, paved bikeway and fun off-roads.

mountain bike tours

Length: Variable between about 50km and 70km (31.07 Miles and 43.5 miles).


tour mountain bike

Duration: about 5-7 hours including stops in between.


Snack/Aperitif at Chiosco del Mincio at tour’s end.

Between our various mountain bike tours, this one starts and ends at the Chiosco del Mincio in Goito and develops through the territory of the Morainic Hills. We’ll explore and enjoy through gentle ups and down the beauty and the peculiarity of this landscape and its lesser known dirt roads.

Thought fun dirt roads we will ride through fields and vines that characterize this territory appreciating every single peculiar aspect.

Our tour guide will reveal some unknown cultural, historical and naturalistic facts about the localities and places encountered on our path.

This tour then is designed to offer different length options therefor different durations and difficulty.

On this tour we’ll therefor cross all relevant places that are integral part of the reality of this territory.

mountain bike tours
tour mountain bike

OUR DESTINATION: Tour of the Morainic Hills.

The FULL Version of this tour will cross the towns, villages and localities of Goito, Pozzolo, Volta Mantovana, Cavriana, Solferino, Castellaro Lagusello, Monzambano, Borghetto, Pozzolo , Marengo, Marmirolo, Soave, Maglio, and Sacca.  Many are the restorative breaks as well as the alternative routes our tour guide will help you with to fully enjoy the beauty and peculiarity of each place visited.

The SHORTER version of this tour will have you visiting the towns and villages of Goito, Pozzolo, Volta Mantovana, Cavriana, Solferino, Castellaro Lagusello, Monzambano and Borghetto.

It’s important to know that both tours can be adjusted (shortened) in length and duration to adapt to the needs of the participants.

After coming back in Goito we will have a deserved and abundant Snack/Aperitif at the Chiosco del Mincio.