Fly Fishing

experiencing the Mincio river

Fly Fishing is called this way due to the type of bait used which is built to imitate in shape and motion the commonly known insect.

The “Fly” doesn’t imitate only insects but also other creatures the that fish feeds on like little fish and fresh water shrimp.

It requires a specific fishing pole that allows to throw the bait a several meters away and also to mimic  the motion of the insect in real life. It’s a complicated and fascinating technique that requires knowledge acquisition and great deal of practice.

For many fishermen it is considered a form of art in symbiosis with the river’s nature. The way we practice it is also respectful of the environment as in fact we don’t keep the catch but return it to its waters.

For those who are interested in learning this fascinating fishing technique we offer a paddle-boat-ride service that leaves from the “Chiosco del Mincio” and takes you to the best spots nearby. A true experience in direct contact with the gentle currents of the river and a chance to learn a set of skills that’s not only fun but also respectful of the environment.