Tour #9 – Discovering the 10 Churches

mtb e-bike trial


Medium Level trail combining hilly roads, paved lo-traffic roads and fun dirt grounds.


Length: about 40 Km (24.85 Miles).

itinerari in mtb

Duration: total of about 4 hours.


Snack/Aperitif at “Chiosco del Mincio” at tour’s end.

This MTB e-bike trial takes place in the beautiful and renowned Morainic Hill covered with vines, with lots of hilly roads and scenic views.

mtb e-bike trial
itinerari in mtb
itinerari in mtb

OUR DESTINATION: The 10 Churches .

Starting our tour in Goito at the Basilica S.Pietro Apostolo (1734) we arrive in Torre via the Lorenzina-Costa Road where at the Fabbrica Court we’ll visit the Chiesetta dell’Angelo Custode (1750) erected to protect the followers from the plague.

Continuing to arrive to the town of Cerlongo  where we’ll visit the Chiesa di San Giorgio Martire (1723) with its new bell tower. In the nearby town of Ceresara we then visit a little christian Sanctuary Santuario della Madonna di Mezzacampagna (end of 1200), with its single-naval floor plan, the typical barn facade and the truss -structured roof.

We then arrive in Cereta to admire the facade of the  Church of San Nicola di Bari (1150), one of the most relevant religious buildings of the Alto Mantovano area.

On a secondary road we ride to the town of Volta Mantovana where, on top of the most elevated hills we’ll visit  the Chiesa di S. Maria Maddalena, erected initially  during the 13th century and then expanded and renovated during both the  500s and the 700s. This visit also offers a panoramic view of the flat lands south of Volta.

Next stop is the town of Cavriana to admire the  Pieve (Church with Baptistry) dedicated to  Santa Maria (Saint Mary), a jewel of Romanic Architecture built during the 11th century. Prior to this visit we make an intermediate stop just outside Cavriana to see the  Chiesa di S.Anna Campagnolo (1600).

From  Cavriana we ride to the Castellaro Lagusello to visit the Church of S. Nicola di Bari (1741).

Our next and last stop will be in Monzambano to visit the Baroque Church of S. Michele Arcangelo that overlooks the Mincio river’s valley beneath.

From our last stop we catch the bikeway Mantova-Peschiera that runs nearby and ride to Pozzolo passing by Borghetto.

We then leave the bikeway and take some fun dirt road pathways to get back to Goito for a well deserved snack-aperitif at Chiosco del Mincio.