Tour #2 – The Hunting Ground of the Gonzaga Family

mountain bike excursions

mountain bike excursions

Easy Level with mixed trails on paved low-traffic roads, paved bike lane and fun dirt roads.

mountain bike excursions

Length: about 30 Km (18.6 Miles).


Duration: total of about 4 hours including a stop at the Fonatana’s Woodland(Ticket Needed).


Snack at the End of the Tour at the “Chiosco del Mincio”.

Among our mountain bike excursions this tour departing from the Chiosco del MIncio runs between the river side and the rural lands with wheat fields and grasslands.

Riding in the direction of Torre we’ll make a stop in Falzoni where is possible to admire the calm running waters of the river from a panoramic spot.

After riding on less known roads we arrive in Pozzolo where we can get onto the Bikeway Mantova-Peschiera towards Mantova

After a few kilometers we arrive in Massinbona locality where our guide can show you the historical site of a Mill (circa 1150) and the medieval Chapel of S. Pietro in Vincoli (circa 1100)  with a classic rectangular floor plan on a single naval and the distinctive shed-shaped facade.

Back on the bikeway heading to Marengo and coasting the route towards Marmirolo we’ll reach the entrance to the Natural Preserve “Bosco della Fonatana”, a woodland evidence of the historical dense presence of deciduous vegetation in the Padana plane.

mountain bike excursions

OUR MAIN DESTINATION: The Hunting Ground of the Gonzaga Family.

The grounds surround the central villa erected by Duke Vincenzo Gonzaga in the late 500s.

The Nature Reserve is divided in two parts: one is a preserve closed to the public and the other (ticket required) can be explored by foot during the Spring/Summer period.

A walk into these woods to benefit from the calm natural environment and recharge and relax.

Back on the bikeway, riding towards Sacca we’ll through the locality of Maglio, home to one of the oldest paper factories in Italy (Founded in 1615)  and where we’ll visit a sturgeon farm where the finest Italian caviar is produced.

After admiring the famous secular Oak tree, the end of this tour is a fun and pleasant ride on an unpaved road along the Mincio river to arrive to the Chiosco del Mincio for a very-well-earned “merenda”.